Custom Fireplaces

Hello there!

My name is Joel. Are you having a hard time ļ¬nding exactly what you’re looking for? We can create the perfect mantle for your space with just a few design specs from you. There are many options for wood, stain, and size, but we make it easy to order with the following three step process.


1. Your Idea

First, we will need to have a good visual idea of what you are looking for. A sample picture with a description of the changes you would like from that given model.

2. Wood Type

Next, you will want to choose your wood type. We have a lot of options for this, including Cherry, Oak, and Maple. Don’t be afraid to ask for a type of wood that isn't listed here.

3. Stain Type

Last, you will need to pick a stain. Once again, we have a lot to choose from, but we generally use Ohio Certified Stains.