The Original Dutchman Fireplace

The legacy continues with the Original Dutchman Fireplace. Hand-crafted mantles from the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country, and shipped directly to your door.


Heat where you need it most

The Original Dutchman Fireplaces are used for secondary heating sources in homes, garages, offices, and RVs. They run very efficiently and we estimate the hourly cost at 9 cents per hour.


Old World Craftsmanship

Hand-made Mantels

Each fireplace is handcrafted from solid wood by craftsman in Amish Country Ohio. These sturdy mantles will last for years to come, so why not make it your own? See the Custom Fireplaces page to learn how a unit can be modified to your taste in stain and hardwood.


Local Ohio Craftsman

Hand-crafted Mantles
Solid dark or light Oak wood


A New Standard in Energy Efficiency

Slash your heating bills

The heaters use Far Infra-Red Technology, only costing you 9 cents per hour while saving you lots of money with zone heating. The heating unit carries a one-year warranty to prove our belief in what we craft.


One-year Warranty on Heating Unit
Pet and child safety

Only $.09/hour
Energy efficient heating